Hey, I'm Kristal!

I'm a Clemson Tiger, I love Mexican food, Reggae Music, and having random family gatherings to laugh and relax. I've had a camera in my hand forever and flipped through the same photo albums so many times but I was always amazed. Capturing moments, feelings, and time is so important. Memories fade, life fades, but you can have portraits forever to always help you relive those times. I started my business in 2013 with a vision from God. I did not know what His plan was 6 years ago when I started this company but each step I take the vision gets clearer. I'm a wife, mom of two; well four including my two pups, big sister, aunt and daughter. Above all I am an African-American woman living my dreams and showing everyone, especially our youth, that they can do the same. Faith, hard work, and passion has led me to opportunities I'd never imagine having and there is so much more to come.