Your Chattanooga Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer!

Meet your photograpHER!

Hey, I'm Kristal (on the right)!
A Chattanooga, TN photographer that loves reggae music, family, Clemson & cooking! I've had a camera in my hand since the age of 5. I flipped through photo albums over & over and was always amazed about how things looked, "back then". Memories fade but portraits last forever. I started Hacker Medias in 2013 with a vision from God. Eleven years later, here we are still capturing YOUR families moments that will last forever! <3

#Hack into your photographers life!


- Married my high school sweetheart 11 years ago.
- We have 2 beautiful kids.
- 1 fur baby in Heaven and 1 here with us <3.
- We're all athletic, competitive, and into sports!
- We enjoy game/movie nights.
- I love cheetah and leopard prints!
- I love my #HackerFam!

What is #Hackerfam


Hacker Fam is what my photography clients become after booking multiple sessions with me.

I figure at that point, I've more than likely Hacked into yours lives and now you're hooked LOL! You're so much more than a client to me. #Gettinghacked is an experience. I remember the little details which make a difference in your session. We play the kids favorite songs, have snacks, take breaks and get back to it! If you're feeling a little anxious we may or may not have a little adult beverage to calm your nerves lol. Either way, I'm here to build true relationships with my clients while offering an amazing experience which result in emotion provoking portraits!