No Pressure

Amanda and Michael's entire family traveled to Chattanooga for their wedding day. It was imperative that we captured portraits of every person in attendance. #MissionAccomplished. We had an adventure this day! We started out at the Double Tree Hotel near Hamilton Place, traveled to, St. Jude Catholic Church for their ceremony, took a pit stop at Heritage House for their Bridal Party Portraits (God saved us from being in a horrible wreck), and we wrapped up the evening at 107 Venue for their reception. Keep in mind, we did this and stayed on track without a wedding planner. Would I advise this, NO lol, BUT when you have a family that comes together and makes it happen + amazing professional photographers, we can handle it a time or two LOL. Let's not make that the norm :)

It makes such a difference when your couple completely trusts you! It definitely makes it easier to win over the rest of the bridal party. That trust resulted in some of the amazing moments we were able to capture below. My second shooter (Loren Viera) and I were able to toss the groom up in the air, have a silent rockband show, pick the bride up, and try out a cool walking shot with the bridal party! These genuine moments result in the group having fun, making memories, all while creating unique portraits! So when you make the important decision of who your bridal party will be, remember what brought you together as friends. Think about the different ways you all have fun and let's bring that out during your day! Perfect moments = perfect portraits.

Thank you so much to The Walters for #gettinghacked! It was an amazing day! <3