California Love

Caleb planned a beautiful proposal in the mountains of Chattanooga for his girlfriend, Kylie. A little background info, they live in California and traveled here for a tour of the South, all planned out by Caleb. He attended college here and had a perfect mountain side spot in mind to pop the question. It was supposed to be a surprise for Kylie but after delayed flights, long-wait times at the rental car office, & traffic, Kylie knew something was going on. Caleb, who is normally laid back and collected, was.....agitated LOL. His plans seemed to be going left but in the end it all worked out perfectly. We met them on Lookout mountain and hiked about 30 minutes to find his "perfect spot" just before sunset. Kylie knew he was about to propose but the excitement in her eyes erased every thought of the obstacles they went through to get there. Caleb got down on one knee as the sunset with views Kylie had never experienced before. NEITHER HAD I! Chattanooga is such a beautiful place and has scenery for those who love city views and nature. The moment was intimate, funny and one-of-kind. I'm so blessed to be able to capture such pivotal moments in people's lives.