Christmas in July

Kamryn started planning for her photoshoot early, like beginning of July early even though her birthday wasn't until Christmas Eve. I highly recommend this when you have a specific look you're going for. It gives time to brain storm locations, find outfits, secure your date in advance, and ensures delivery by your deadline with no extra fees. We completed her session in October which gave plenty of time for her edits to be back for her birthday which is 12.23. She booked, The Read House for her shooting location, a videographer for her promo video, and me as her photographer. She had several looks which all complimented the scene at The Read House beautifully. She has brought her 25th Birthday in being proud of the woman she has grown into!! She's has also launched her new business: LoveLoraXO, and is ready to assist you with your styling needs!! Follow her on IG: LOVELORAXO and wish her a Happy Birthday!!

Not your average session

I. Location matters.

Sometimes you need the right environment to bring your vision to life. Everything cannot be created in studio. In those instances, venues can be very helpful.

They definitely come with their own set of rules and additional fees but with proper planning & budget we can make it happen!

II. Plan ahead.

Outfits, accessories, hair & make-up are important parts of your session. Everything shouldn't be "DIY". There are amazing professionals in Chattanooga that can help you out. If you need recommendations, I have a few favorites that I know will get you right. Find outfits that are out-the-ordinary. Photoshoots are an investment let's make sure you stand out and it's as memorable as possible.

III. Relax.

You've done all the steps, made the investment, and have the idea. Now it's time to make it happen! Walk-in confident, prepared, and ready to give it all you got. The fun part is here! Time for the photoshoot!