29th Birthday - Boss Edition

First, I want to thank the owner of The Bleach Boys Laundry Mat for allowing us the opportunity to use their establishment as our back drop! It means a lot when a business trust you to use their space for your creative outlet. Just a tip: for any privately owned businesses I will always ask that we get permission before shooting. One, we don't want to trespass and two its just better to be able to shoot with ease of mind knowing we already have consent to be here. So if you don't know Kahla, now you do! She is the Jane-of-All-Trades, nature-lover, fashionista, make-up guru....ok you get it LOL! I was so excited when she sent her ideas and that she trusted me to execute her vision. She wanted the laundry-mat setting for a retro vibe and the LIGHTING. The lighting added some amazing depth that made her portraits pop even more! I love creating visions boards and picking out looks/props for my clients but Kahla took the lead on this one. Take a look into her creative process on her Youtube page Kahla.Mekel. Happy Birthday Girl! Can't wait to see what great ideas you come up with next!